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Mobile Application Developer

Lloyd Bank

Feb 2016 - Aug 2017

• Designed and developed iOS applications using Swift and Objective C, implementing REST APIs, SQLite, CoreData, Firebase and Realm backend • Effectively used frameworks in applications includes UIKit, HealthKit, MapKit, UserNotifications, WebKit, ARKit, CoreML and so on also used MVC software architecture for developing well documented projects following coding standards • Designed and developed Android applications using Java, implementing REST APIs, SQLite and Firebase backend, Android Support Library packages, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers, Google Fit, Location Services, hardware capabilities like Camera, Accelerometer and Gyroscope • Designed layouts and icons following Material Design ready applications using native Android libraries • Worked closely with clients to monitor requirement changes, and developed successful iOS and Android applications following Agile Development Life Cycle standards • Handled asset creation for website and mobile apps using Adobe Photoshop and designed UI/UX patterns confirming to Android Material Design paradigms and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines as required

IOS Developer

Barclays Bank

Sep 2017 - Jul 2018

• Designed and developed iOS application using Swift and Objective C, using ARKit, CoreImage, CoreAnimation, SceneKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, Model I/O and various other frameworks • Developed applications using ARKit plugin and integrated builds with Xcode to make custom native applications • Implemented UI patterns using CAShape layers, CoreAnimation, custom controls, custom graphs, bezier path and various other UI/UX patterns • Implemented server side data using JSON parsing, multiple and parallel file downloads, timed deletion of downloaded files, push notifications using APNS, socket connections, AWS, Firebase and several other technologies • Worked on Augmented reality applications built in Xcode using SceneKit and ARKit • Used SceneKit’s 3D transform matrix to augment rotation, position and scale of 3D models according to user’s input via different gestures

Module Lead

Saga Insurance

Jul 2018 - Apr 2020

• Developing and maintaining production iOS applications, architecture design and maintaining multiple iOS and Android apps • Managed and guided a team of iOS and Android application developers over development of multiple iOS and Android applications in the education sector • Handling multiple responsibilities including requirement analysis, implementing scalable architecture solutions confirming to company’s coding standards, monitoring and delegating work within the team and interactions with other teams • Developing learning apps targeted at school students using Massive Open Online Course model to deliver contents of the curriculum as videos, tests, exercises and several other resource models • Working on School administration apps simplifying the communication between teachers, students and managerial body of schools, automated fee processing, holiday scheduling, attendance, and several other processes of schools



• Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Leeds University

Sep 2010 - Jun 2013


• Infrastructure Support
• Application Design
Android Dev